short Tribal O. set today at local Fair

Today we’re doing a two-song set at the end of our Bellydance Show for the Multicultural Fair at the U. of Mary Washington. It’s pretty cool and cloudy with a chance of drizzle so hope we’re inside…

The music we’re using in the show is DJ Dimi’s “Love Signs”  and Farzad Farhangi’s “Sandstorm“. We’ll do a little Tribal Veil with the DJ Dimi song because it’s just sounds like a veil song (maybe even get Miramar’s Veil Circle in there) – and in Farzad’s tune we’re doing everything including very quick solos by the 5 of us dancing in the Tribal set.

Coming at the end of a show featuring mostly Egyptian folklore, it’s cool to get such a multi-cultural mix of music for T.O.

– almost time to start getting ready…


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