music planning for student recital…

Time to start planning our annual recital scheduled for July 16 in downtown Fredericksburg VA: “MidSummer Magic”.

So in terms of the Tribal Odyssey sets in the show,  we’re looking at two or maybe three levels performing, with not much overlap.

Level Threes are probably using swing electronica but we haven’t decided which songs yet…

I’m thinking “Sandstorm” by Farzad Farhangi for the Level Two’s because the beat and rhythm is so easy to hear – especially the Doum Doum on count 1! And it’s long enough so they’ll have plenty of time to play. If there are only a couple of Level One dancers, they can easily slip into this number.

If we have enough Level One’s to do a whole song by themselves then I’ll probably use “Lone Dove” by Desert Knights – always good and everyone seems to love it.


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