recital music….

I’ve been going back & forth on music choice for my Level 2 Tribal Odyssey students…

They’ve had such a massive amount of new material this year; they’ve been struggling to incorporate all the new (to them) combinations, turn options, lead-throwing, and finger cymbal patterns – and it’s impacted their ability to lead well and and stay on beat…

So I thought perhaps it was a good idea to change their Recital music. This week in class I tried “Desert Nights” (by Desert Knights), which they’re familiar with since it’s one of the songs I often use in Level 1 class. It’s short and the beat is easy to hear. But, they weren’t happy. They promised they’d get themselves together for the longer song (Farzad’s “Sandstorm”). And in fact after class they all went right into an empty spare room at the community center and practised together for another hour!

So, we shall see! I love how deadlines – like getting ready for an upcoming show – hone students’ focus & commitment.

Anthea (Kawakib)

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