can we all fit onstage?

This Recital I want to get all the classes onstage for the Tribal Odyssey set. We did this once before a few years ago, it adds a lot of visual interest and I think gives the lower levels confidence? Not sure about that one! – But that’s what I’m hoping.

We’re also going to start off the recital with Tribal Odyssey (well, after one other number in the same costume), mainly so *I* will be fresh enough to do a good job; and I’m sure it works the same for the other dancers. Whenevever we’re in class or at rehearsal, it’s late at night when we’re all tired – if we can do well in those conditions, we’ll blast out our T.O. set with both mental AND physical energy… and it’ll be awesome 🙂

Anthea (Kawakib)

(end of post)


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