sidewalk dancing…

3 of us are signed up for a street demo (sidewalk in front of a store, actually) next month so in class this week we danced Tribal Odyssey as a 3-person performing group. Having only 3 people changes how lead-throwing works, so we have to focus on that specifically.

I love the intimate feeling of having only 3 dancers though, it’s fun. What’s even more fun to me is when we have a small space. I just like the closeness!

So for this practise I put chairs around to block off a small section of the classroom to limit our area, and replicate the performing space we’ll have on the sidewalk. If it’s not raining that is… It was really small! And then, because we were out of range of the automatic light switch, about 10 minutes into our set the lights went out… and we kept dancing and finished the set. My dancers are such troupers!

Anthea (Kawakib)

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