Stop choreographing!!

In ITS (improv tribal style) belly dance, the more “plans” there are when you hit the stage, the worse it is. Well, I’m exaggerating… (only a little though)!

Since we’re having ALL the students onstage for the Tribal Odyssey segment of the Recital this year, we have to arrange how the different classes and levels get on, arrange themselves, and do their thing, etc. etc. It’s a little complicated since we’re having Level 1 and 2 dance in the same song, then separating out the Level 1 mid-song so the Level 2’s can carry on…

Added to that is the fact that three of the Tribal O. dancers are in the previous number (a tambourine dance choreography) and need to get off quickly to acquire their cymbals and veil for Tribal, and you realize a big ol’ plan is needed.

We’ve got it worked out just fine; but the thing is, we are so used to just “winging it” when dancing T.O. that having to remember these PLANS is really hard!! This really emphasizes the inherent strength – and general amazingness – of group improv; you really CAN just get onstage with your dance group and do a heck of a show WITHOUT choreography! That’s really the best time – when we get to perform “in the flow”: just go out and dance… No plans needed; we just go with the flow of each other, the music, and dance dance dance.

Anthea (Kawakib)

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