hot enough for you?

Who knew I could dance a three-song set in full tribal gear (pants, skirt, sleeved top etc.) in July – outside – at midday – in the hot sun?? And that AFTER being out in the riding arena for a beginner lesson? Incredible. Almost unbelievable!! Time was when the hot summer sun would have had me gasping in the shade fanning myself… I think all that farm work is paying off!

And even in the photo taken afterwards I’m looking pretty cool and collected; well you can’t see I’m a big ball of sweat, but still –

3 person performing group

Summer Fun!

I knew dancing T.O. would pick me up mood-wise, and it sure did. We had a lovely time together, and I’ve got to say that if I HAD a troupe – which I don’t! – I’d want these two ladies in it. They did a great job dancing gracefully and SAFELY on the narrow, slanted sidewalk; even managing Tribal Veil in the (very welcome) gusts of wind to boot!

Anthea (Kawakib)

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