creating that tribal feeling

I had all my Tribal Odyssey students dance together onstage at our annual bellydance recital this past weekend; that is, all the students who knew T.O. well enough to at least be in the Chorus Line – even a student who takes class in another town joined our performance.

My recital is designed so any of my students can perform – if they’ve been in class for at least a couple of month and have just a smidgen of bellydance under their belts.

In some recitals I’ve had each progressive level of Tribal Odyssey students dance their own song together (culminating with the most advanced dancers), but I knew that getting everyone onstage, even if the costumes didn’t match, would create that tribal feeling in a powerful way, and it did!

After Level 1 and 2 danced together (to “Sandstorm” by Farzad Farhangi) they moved back into an upstage Chorus Line and stopped playing finger cymbals so the Level 3 dancers and myself could go out front and do our set. I would’ve thought dancing in the Chorus Line for an entire 3-song set would be too boring but they all wanted to stay onstage and dance, and it turned out really well. It was great having them there… personally I loved the feeling that they were there with us as we danced, and we weren’t just out there onstage by ourselves. THAT is “the tribal feeling”!

Anthea (Kawakib)

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