going to the Village

I’ll be on my way to Pennsic tomorrow, inshallah, for just a short while this year; it’ll be my 21st Pennsic – I think? have to count my medallions! Friday morning, again inshallah, I’m doing an Intro to Tribal Odyssey class at the Middle Eastern tent, assisted by Rajni, another T.O. teacher from Georgia and my Orluk Oasis camp mate. Getting away from the modern world will be very refreshing… and if I can keep my phone charged I’ll upload from there; but if not, see you on the flip side –
Orluk Oasis partial LIST of classes

Anthea (Kawakib)

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  1. O3 said

    I noticed your presence on my blog recently and am always somewhat humbled by the people I’ve been meeting of late. I had a devil of a time finding your “Dancing Through Life” blog that I was really interested in. Let me first tell you how it relates, my great grandfathers farm (mothers side) which is still in the family and the only working farm left on Lake Anna in Spotsylvania County has alot of horse memories for me.


    In the early 60’s we would spend alot of time in Mineral where my grandfather had been the train agent for most of his life. We were always there for the Horse Shows at another relatives place Prospect Hill now The Little Page Inn directly across the road from Cherry Grove my great grand fathers farm. Vivid memories of extreme heat, fried chicken, beautiful horses, and huge Flys (chuckle). Alot of my country relatives were avid horse lovers and like you were maimed in later life by an accident. They couldn’t repair the damage as well as they do today, so your story has a positive vibe to alot of old memories. The Firemans parade, and eating at Sacrahs Diner while listening to George Jones are other great memories, and so much more.

    I know, you must know, I’m known to photograph belly dancers but am mainly a panoramist. I just wanted you to know I would love to photograph you, anytime you are in town let me know if interested. My banana tree portrait series will continue through October. My friend that gave me the Basjoo Banana trees went well into November and he lives in Arlington.

    • Kawakib said

      thanks so much for the memories – this area has changed a lot, but people still love their land and their animals; many places are still untouched by development…

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