teaching tribal at Pennsic

It was 10:30 in the morning, but still blazing heat & humidity for the Tribal Odyssey class at Pennsic this year. Walking up to the Middle Eastern tent from Orluk Oasis (not far away but definitely a lot “lower”) it didn’t take me long to become completely damp under my garb. That never changes, I’ve always been like that – so don’t tell me, “you’ll get used to it!”
Anyway it was a blast, with about 20 or so dancers of various levels, with maybe even one or two absolute newbies I think.
Not only did I have Rajni of Georgia there to help, but a couple of ATS dancers came and they caught on so well it actually helped when demonstrating lead-changing.
We were able to have several quartets dance at the same time so everyone had an opportunity to lead and follow. Cramming so much into one hour is hard, but overall I’m happy I got to share it at Pennsic.

Rajni getting her Teaching Certificate

Last but not least, Congratulations to Rajni who got her Teacher Certificate for Level One Tribal Odyssey. She does good work, and, she’s fun. I know her students appreciate her dedication and no-drama personality. Best wishes to her!

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