looooove chiftitelli!

Doesn’t everyone love the chiftitelli rhythm? It’s so mysterious and sensual…

I dropped “Chiftitelli” – a four and a half minute percussion piece – right in the middle of the short Solace music set I put together recently. So that’s a 12-minute set of Solace music for tribal.

This drum piece gives us more “slow time” for tribal veil, slow arms, etc. Also, we’ve played with taking turns doing very short SOLO improv moments just for the lower level students to get more experience with that. It’s a little challenging but not too much since I timed them for only 30 seconds each. I don’t think we’ll follow that necessarily in a performance, but it’s a good drill for class. I really love how they always step up to challenges. They’re a great bunch!

But typically I only add solo improv sections into the higher level performances, just for a different feel inside a long group improv set.

Also, recently I combined the Level 2 and Level 3 classes together into one big class, as the Level 2’s are really doing well learning all the combinations, turn options, lead throwing and even finger cymbals in their syllabus. Large groups are more fun! I’m really looking forward to seeing them work with this new music.

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