last chance to dance outside!

I didn’t want the year to end before we got in a Dance and Drum Hafla outside, so we quickly planned an outing to Hurkamp Park here  in Fredericksburg (VA) for this past weekend. We got to meet new fans, and enjoy the rhythms of several local drummers who showed up and kept us company.

Since it was a busy weekend and we had very few performers, I went with mixing levels again. A lovely Level 2 dancer joined us and kept up very well, only dropping back when the Level 3’s did Tribal Skirt or Veil dancing.

tribal belly dance hafla

whipping the skirts around!

And since the temperature hovered around the mid-50’s we all layered costuming as much as possible; I was wearing two skirts, two tops, and two belts! But other than aching from dancing on concrete, I felt absolutely perfect. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a blast getting outside on a sunny fall day. Another Dance and Drum Hafla at Hurkamp is definitely going to go on the schedule for next year when the weather warms up again!

This type of performance situation is where Group Improvisation shines – it’s so adaptable to circumstances! That’s one of the things I love about it. There’s no worries about who knows what choreography, or if a dancer can’t make it at the last minute and now the dance is missing a person, or we’re all tired of using that same music, or the costuming is hard to adapt to the venue – there’s no worries like that. Tribal Improv not only adds another dimension to our abilities as performers but gives us the chance to play together as dancers. We can have fun and look good doing it!

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