a different kind of “warm up”

I hosted a “students and friends” hafla in a Fredericksburg (VA) restaurant last weekend, a very loosely-organized event with several performances and open dancing; not a “show” per se, but more of a public bellydance party.

To get the dancing portion of the party started, my student performers and I did an impromptu Tribal Odyssey set just to “warm up” the room, the audience, and ourselves – even though we were all wearing diverse costuming running the gamut from sequins and beads to coins and tribal fusion-wear!

We often do this backstage as well, just to get into the dance frame of mind.  Prior to performing (and after our group centering prayer), we’ll do a short T.O.  improv dance together. We’ve found it focuses us, lifts our spirits, and physically readies us for performing onstage. Even if we’re backstage during a show and we have to be quiet, we can dance together without music and stay in sync with each other.

This method of warming up before a performance is an unexpected but rewarding bonus of knowing group improv bellydance!

…and in fact we were enjoying our “warm up” so much at the hafla that we continued dancing for three songs instead of just one!

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