trusting each other

We all may take for granted the fact that bellydancing brings us to new places – literally – in that we sign up to dance in shows, or even just go to watch a bellydance show. But isn’t this a great way to meet new friends and make memories? It’s really wonderful when you think about it.

As a soloist, I’ve performed in many hundreds of places by myself, but I have ALWAYS enjoyed it SO much more when I could go and perform with a group. I’ve always been more than happy to submerge my dance ego into the group dynamic if it means I get to share the experience with my dance friends. That’s what comes to mind when I watch myself dance with PRISM. What a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of dancing with close dance friends.

I think the unique type of sharing that’s possible with tribal or group improv in particular is priceless. Getting to create – CREATE – the dance experience with each other is amazing. Performing choreography with others is fun, but tribal improv is in a league by itself in terms of a group experience. There’s just nothing else like it.

I love the fact that ITS dancers (like we are) are so ready to Bring It onstage – we rehearse, we prepare, we practise – so that when we actually perform, we can do it fresh each time, creating the dance in public, in the moment. That shows more than anything else the level of trust tribal improv dancers build with each other. And thank goodness there’s video so fleeting memeories are captured to enjoy later and share with others. Thanks to the Lynchburg Tribal ladies for giving PRISM the opportunity to create together:  Tribal Odyssey by PRISM

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