infographic on the BENEFITS OF Tribal Improv

Infographics are kinda fun! I created this to show in graphic form some of the benefits of teaching your troupe or students ITS – “Improv Tribal Style”.

Since I have experience in teaching both “regular” Oriental belly dance (including  choreographed dances as well as how to do Solo improvisation)  and Tribal Improv, I consider myself well-versed in the why’s and wherefor’s of teaching both styles.


benefits of teaching tribal improv bellydance

Because I came to ITS (or group improv) with over a decade of teaching experience in regular bellydance, I could easily see the difference between learning bellydance “the old way” and learning bellydance with group improv.

At a recent community hafla (a bellydance social event) with students of mine from two separate locations, Tribal Odyssey gave them a way to dance together – and isn’t that the BEST way to make new friends? I love it!

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