what Tribal does best!

Here’s a photo taken at a local Hafla this past weekend (a bellydance party, not a show):

tribal odyssey group improv dancing

mixed levels dancing together

This is what a Group Improvisation format does best: it brings dancers together IN DANCE. It’s more than dancing at the same time – it’s dancing as a tribe – in synchronicity.

As you can see in the photo, we’re not costumed for a group performance, we’re in our own individual outfits. Some of us are in the costume we wore to perform a solo or duet, and some of us are just in “hafla wear”, that is, bellydance party clothes.

a motley tribal crew!

Dance as you are!

Because the group was extremely “mixed-level” – with students of only one month of class(!) to students who had many many years of dancing under their belts – we primarily used the formation of Center Dancers in front of the Chorus Line. But what a priceless experience for new dancers, new students, who didn’t know any other dancers outside of class – to be able to join in – AND BE ACCEPTED – by a group of, let’s face it, awesome bellydancers!

I do remember though, at some point somebody cued the Staggered Line formation, meaning the entire group danced as one unit, and we were doing Level Two combinations and throwing the lead around etc., and the less experienced people tried to keep up as best they could!  Bless their hearts, they hung in there and sort of “swam along” as best they could in the flow of the group. We all laughed and danced, and just enjoyed the moment without worrying too much about “doing it exactly right”.

It was fun, exhilarating, and impossible without the gift of group improv. And that’s why I love it!

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