it’s windy out and we’re dancing with veils!

I wanted to share a couple of photos from our last show just because I love our expressions!

We danced outside, at the local multicultural fair, and included three songs worth of Tribal Odyssey Bellydance at the end of our show. Since the middle song in the set was a bit slower we had the option of using our tribal veils, which were already onstage folded up in our baskets (being held down by bags of rice!).

As many bellydancers know, dancing with veils outside is always a gamble and it WAS quite gusty that day! In past years we’ve done choreographed veil dances at outside events and had quite a time getting through the number. But the good thing about Tribal Veil is that you can stop at any time! That, my friends, is a real plus.

veil dancing outside

veils? why not - a little wind won't stop us!

What’s funny to me about these photos is that the Chorus Line dancers are clearly giggling at us as we struggle with the veils!

Tribal Veil - you can end whenever you want!

we're the boss of these veils!

But you can also see we’re smiling too – and enjoying the silliness of it! Isn’t it great to be able to include veil dancing even if it’s windy? Audience love watching it – and little girls especially love veils! Veil dancing always adds a beautiful ethereal dimension to a show.

What’s your plan for windy day veil dancing? Do you scrap it or try it anyway?

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