tribal veil improv to Raquy live – as a duet

Several years ago my former student Adara Janaani and I performed in Charlottesville (VA) to Raquy and the Cavemen. I have to commend AJ with having the guts to sign up for a performance to live music, which was something she had never done before! Below is a shot from our Drum Duet:

Kawakib and Adara Janaani dancing to live music

Duet to live drumming

A few weeks before the show, we picked Shashkin and Caravan for our music and choreographed a set that included an Entrance piece, Veil Dance, and Drum Duet. Rather than go with choreography for the whole set we decided to use Tribal Odyssey for the Veil segment.

Check out the video below: at 2:22 we go from choreography to duet improvisation. Actually, we knew we’d use the Veil Walk, a traveling combination, to circuit the stage etc. during the song’s transition from slow to fast tempo. So that’s partially choreographed; but from about 2:50 on – when we get in the “lead-and-follow” position together – it’s duet improvisation. We decided ahead of time that we’d each do two or three veil combos then change the lead… as you can see the Veil Walk is used for lead-changing too.

Tribaret Veil Duet (video)

This demonstrates something I tell my students: Tribal should serve us, not the other way around. TOBD has rules and guidelines, yes. But the format is meant as a path to follow, as a means to an end – the “end” being a joyous group dance experience. The format is not an end in and of itself. We’re not here to solidify it into something inflexible, written in stone. It’s to be used as we need it, and adapted to the different performance venues, locations, and contexts that we face.

This show is from 2005, before we started using Miramar’s formation of the Circle in Tribal Veil dancing. We began using that option a couple of years ago and I really enjoy having that extra element of variety in the format.

Of course this wasn’t the first time my students and I danced Tribal Odyssey to live drumming, but it WAS the first time we used TOBD in a professional showcase with live music.

And yes, we got paid!

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