more bridal bellydance!

I’m taking my PRISM Dancers to another Bridal event in Fredericksburg next week, to demo our “Bridal Bellydance Party” theme. This time the venue is the grand opening of a new bridal store. Brides and bellydancing is just such a natural combination, isn’t it?

PRISM bellydancers flyer

sweet simmering shimmies!

And once again Tribal Odyssey format gives us an easy way to work different dancers into the performance schedule, without worrying about who knows what choreography. We’ll be doing mixed-level Duets and Trios as well as using the Chorus Line as background for a lovely veil solo by one of the dancers.

This time we’re going with our “fancy class wear” look… so comfy, and inspiring without being intimidating. Thank goodness it’ll be inside too! Anything outdoors in this heat wave would be downright dangerous!

Summer is for shimmy fun~

(End of Post)



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