how we arranged our bellydance demo for the bridal store

At our “Bridal Bellydance Party” demo in Fredericksburg Saturday, it was one of those “we’ll figure it out when we get there” situations, where you walk into your venue and decide how to do your show based on the performance space. I’m very fortunate my PRISM Dancers trust me enough to go with the flow and not freak out if everything isn’t planned down to the last detail in advance! Because when you do a wide variety of gigs, you know that’s not always possible…

Anyway this grand opening for Simply Modern Bridal turned out to be in a very elegantly decorated storefront shaped as a very long rectangle. There was a small open space right inside the front doors; and near the fitting rooms was another open space that also had couches, tables, a fitting pedestal, and accent rugs. Filling the store were lovely displays of jewelry, dresses for the entire bridal party, mannequins with gorgeous gowns; plus a couple of tables with a large selection of catered treats for the grand opening celebration! So, performing space was a little tight for a group of dancers – you know how it is!

bellydance group

“fancy class wear” (except for soloist)

We opened our demo with a Veil Dance solo by one of our newer performers, and she did SUPER – had lovely stage presence and adapted her choreography very well to the small space in front. We’d originally planned to Chorus Line behind her, but that wouldn’t have worked in the space so we joined the onlookers.

Next we went into “how to bellydance” mode, as my dancers each invited someone to join them in open dancing, showing them basic moves and steps. My students learn this “homestyle dancing” so they can participate at bellydance haflas and parties, wherever open dancing might happen. This rather seamlessly evolved into us doing Tribal Odyssey duets and trios in various places around the store. I sort of floated around joining in here and there, changing partners, and making sure the onlookers who wanted to dance had someone to dance with.

Two songs of this and we were done (three, counting the Veil soloist). I think going shorter than longer is always a good idea! We were able to give a quick and fun demonstration of bellydancing and show it is for “regular people” of all ages – just great family entertainment!

We’re so greatful to Simply Modern Bridal for inviting us to participate in their grand opening; as well as the VA Wedding Event network for all their hard work!

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