music picks for Recital, and beyond

My annual student Recital “MidSummer Magic” is next week, and our TOBD music selections are falling into place. Only two songs of Tribal Odyssey this year!

MidSummer Magic flyer

Bellydance Student show

We’ll rely on the thumping basic beledi beat of the Desert Knights “Lone Dove” for the Level One dancers. The combination of the steady rhythm with the strong complimentary bass line makes the beat very easy for beginners to hear, and it’s just the perfect tempo too.

This Level One group is made up of 6 dancers from three different classes! Luckily they can pair into fairly well-matched Duets, so the entire 4 minute song will be done as Chorus Line and Center Dancers. So far we’ve only had one rehearsal with everyone together but they seemed comfortable with each other. This will be the first performance for several of them, which is ALWAYS very exciting…

This is a great song, especially for new dancers: Lone Dove by Desert Knights (Amazon)

To keep the show short I decided to combine Levels Two and Three. We’ll be dancing together to “Habibi ya Albi” by the handsome Ihab Tawfik! What a fun song to dance to… and yes, we’ll be wearing sparkly beledi dresses again. What an amazing evolution in Tribal Odyssey – going for the glitz!

And who wouldn’t want to dance to this song? Habib Ya Albi by Ihab Tawfik (Amazon)

I am pretty sure Level Two can stay up with Level Three dancing, the only extra things the Level Three dancers usually do (besides being able to dance and play cymbals really fast!) are the Skirt and Veil combinations… so those particular combinations will be restricted to Center Dancers only, when the suitable partners are in play. That’s how you work out using different levels together!

Combining these two groups into one number is a good idea for both levels right now because:

  • dancing with more advanced dancers helps the lower levels improve, and
  • the Level Three dancers have already had a busy year showcasing bellydance at local events, with more to come. And, they’ll be in other numbers in the Recital…

So there are our two musical selections for MidSummer Magic. Now for the PRISM Dancer’s turn this September at Lynchburg Tribal Hafla 2012, we’ll be going in a completely different (and new!) musical direction…. stay tuned!

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