intramural tribal bellydance!

At our student Recital tomorrow some of our baby bellydancers are performing together for the first time!. This’ll be a blast, I LOVE this kind of stuff!

In their Level One number, the duets are pre-arranged – so the dancers know who they’ll “go out” with – after that it’s up to them what they do.

And because they’re new to performing (except for our Marching Band member), their minds are filled to the brim right now with the realities of performing – the stage, the lights, the audience… entering, exiting… costumes, makeup… WOW! I really hope they remember to enjoy the moment onstage because it lasts such a short amount of time. It’s such a unique experience!

Both of the TOBD numbers in the show will be mixed level, so although that’s not the easiest way to perform, it does work – another plus for group improv. I’ll just remind the Level Three folks to tone it down a bit and make sure their cues are solidly ahead of  ‘the One’ – timely enough to keep everyone together. Our Level Three dancers are used to performing and enjoying themselves in the moment, whether it’s onstage or in the studio. They know how to relax and just “get into it”.

Those of you who have ATS or ITS performing groups know how it is, the dancers get used to each other’s cues and favorite moves… and can almost read each other’s minds – am I right? Yes! So we’ll pull back a bit and enjoy the moment with newer-to-the-tribe dancers who are still feeling their way into “in the moment” dancing. Making memories together… it’s SO much fun!

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