and the plan is… apparent chaos

So last night in rehearsal, we’re preparing for our upcoming shows, which both happen to be all Tribal Odyssey, with no solos or choreographies. One performance is for “Art Attack Fredericksburg” which is new for us, and seems to be mainly visual artists like painters and sculptors who will set up on the downtown sidewalks and create art. Sounds like a blast! So anyway the organizers were nice enough to include us doing OUR thing, which of course, is belly dancing.

We can’t block the sidewalks, but otherwise we have free rein to perform – and we’ll be performing without music or drumming. That is, as far as I know – it’s always possible that a drummer might show up. Anyway we were practising our plan for this event, which will see four of us participating.

Since we’re anticipating very limited space to dance, the four of us broke into two duets dancing in different places (and playing finger cymbals). It’s rather unusual for us to have two duets dancing and playing cymbals at the same time, since the duets are not in sync with each other and so will be playing different cymbal patterns, at the same time. However, since we were dancing at the same tempo it worked pretty well even though the cymbals did have moments of “busyness” so to speak. I think each duet will be far enough apart that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Besides the duet dancing, at times the four of us came together in a circle (after someone Yipped – which cues the Circle). That allowed us to briefly dance together as a group, until back to the Chorus Line we’d go, whereupon we’d break into two duets again. It worked amazingly well! How fun!

It never ceases to amaze me when we discover yet more versatility within this group improv format – and it tickles me that we’ll be dancing on the street again… just like our heroines, the always inspiring Egyptian Ghawazee.

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