who put tribal bellydance in the Nutcracker?

We did! And we were practically the only grownups in the show too! Four of us took an afternoon this past weekend to participate in MFA Studio‘s holiday spectacular (which I wrote about here), featuring oodles of little girls and boys in adorable costumes – the cuteness factor was over the top! We were able to sit in the audience for the first half, and could barely contain our enjoyment. The sweetness of the tiny Sugarplum Fairies brought tears to our eyes!

For our turn in the second half’s “Nutcracker” sequence we dressed in flowing chiffon skirts with sparkly bellydance belts and tops, and danced with veils of red and green. Our color scheme seemed to fit right in with the decorated Christmas tree onstage!

Our number was so short (less than 4 minutes) that we barely had time to settle in and get our dance on, but we did really have a good time; and there even seems to be a video up already on facebook (I shared the link on the  TOBD facebook page) taken by someone in the audience.

I appreciate how we were invited to participate in this show;  the studio owner, Mayeisha, has been very welcoming to my bellydance class this year, and seems to be instilling wholesome values in her studio’s young students, who were all so polite and welcoming to us backstage. This dance studio is a treasure to have in the local area and I’m so grateful we’ve been a part of it.

after dancing

backstage at show

(End of Post)



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