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In my last post “the ‘whatever’ look in costuming“, I wondered what my performing group would look like for our Tribal number at the end of our New Year’s Eve show, since we wouldn’t be changing into special costumes. I figured we could do without full skirts, and just skip our Skirt Moves during this one 7-minute song (Sandstorm by Farzad Farhangi). So here we are:

bellydancers in different costumes

after our show for Fredericksburg First Night

That’s what we wore for our Tribal number – we’re wearing the costumes from the choreographies we performed (sword, veil, cane, and candles). This is the first time we’ve ever done TOBD without changing into specific costuming – obviously, “Tribal” is not defined by what you wear, but HOW YOU DANCE with your group, right? I’ll be adding this photo to the new collection I started on Pinterest that show different costumes we’ve worn: Tribal Costuming.

I know the ATS® people consider their costuming to be part of the definition of their style of Tribal Bellydance, but after our personal explorations in costuming this past year (see this post), I no longer agree with that narrow definition. What do you think?

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  1. Maura said

    I would say that it’s not whether the costuming is ‘tribal’ or not, but whether the costumes work together (as important as dancing together, IMO). Based solely on the picture you have here, Anthea, this kind of mix of costumes on stage would not work for me; my mind would be trying to tie the disparate elements together, with no success, instead of paying attention to the dancing.

  2. Kawakib said

    How dare you! lol
    No actually I agree with you on this conglomeration. I did enjoy that we did it though, just to see what it looked like; Unfortunately I haven’t found any still pics of our dancing, and the videographer’s battery gave out before then.
    I do really prefer a cohesive group look! Currently my performers are putting together a few more outfits in that category –

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