new songs – the right tempo for Tribal cymbals and sword?

The New Year brings new ideas…

Last year we danced to a lot of fast tempo songs (including “Sandstorm” in our New Year’s Eve show) which makes for some exciting dancing, but now it feels nice to slow down a bit. I’ve chosen some new tracks for my students to dance TOBD to that are slower than what we’ve been using, and everyone seems to like them (including me)!

PRISM Dancer Pixie Fae suggested the first one:

Ja Vidi by Christophe Goze, which has a lovely clarinet(?) part as well as guitar; here it is on Amazon. Great tempo especially for playing finger cymbals.  The next song I found is:

Gardens of Delight by Electric Oasis (on Amazon) sounds a little more electronic so I dig that; and the tempo is perfect for cymbals too – I can really hear if my students are playing clearly at this speed, that’s really helpful. This song has several places where the percussion drops out but it doesn’t lose any beats so it still works fantastically for group improv.

And for Tribal Sword I pulled out some really slow-tempo songs that usually my students don’t like dancing to: everyone knows it’s harder to dance slowly, because (ahem!) you have to actually use your muscles instead of just throwing your body around. At first I thought we could use Dance Dolphins Dance (from Dolphina’s Goddess Workout music) but the even slower tempo of Ocean Depths will be easier while we balance the swords. You can find an online list of musicians who played on this album in the Amazon listing (including the wonderful John Belizikjian on oud and violin).

There may be some tracks we can use for Tribal Sword in the Serpent’s Garden cd by Mosavo, that’s next on my list to check out.

There seems to be a very fine line between just the right tempo and too fast! If you have a recommendation on a SLOW song good for sword balancing (keeping in mind this is group improv) …and not one that everyone is using, please let me know!

PRISM sword dancers as oil painting

Sword Dance, from the PRISM Dancers show at the UMW Multicultural Fair

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