online streaming videos now available!

I love how learning bellydance at home gets easier and easier! I’m excited to offer the TOBD Level One material online now as Streaming Video – it’s comparable to the Foundation DVD, and available to watch anytime.

I’ve arranged several pre-recorded videos into a Playlist on youtube: “Tribal Odyssey Level One”; and I’m working on the next levels as well…

This material can take a bellydance troupe onstage to dance together without choreography – all included in Level One. And, these slower combinations are the ones I use when introducing students to finger cymbals  – and THAT video is coming soon too. It’s so much easier to help students learn to play cymbals with TOBD than it was without – for that reason alone I’m glad I developed this format!

Here’s it is: the Level One TOBD Playlist.
An Access Pass is just $24.00; and for a limited time, a full 18-minute Warmup Routine is included free.

Contact me (Kawakib) for details; it’s easy – no monthly fees, no membership required.  If you can watch youtube videos you can watch these Streaming Videos – you just need a youtube account.

belly dancing

dancing together

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