are streaming videos better than DVDs?

Are streaming videos better than DVDs? There’s a good case for it! I love settling in to watch my favorite shows on DVD; but for learning bellydance, I think being able to choose which how-to video to watch – without using remotes and scrolling through DVD menus – is quicker and simpler.

For instance, the Playlist I put up recently on Level One material contains these separate videos:

  1. Promo (free)
  2. Intro to TOBD (free)
  3. Formation Drill (free)
  4. 7 combos and cues
  5. “Follow me” Duet Demo (that’s me and Al-‘Anqa dancing together)
  6. Lead-changing techniques for Duets
  7. Lead-changing in ANY formation
  8. My classroom tips for efficient teaching
  9. 2 endings; and how to Exit the performance space.

That’s a lot of info – on the DVD they were arranged in two separate menus. In the Playlist, you can see them all at a glance and choose the one you need. Easier, yes? It’s GREAT for pulling out just what you want to practise (following one of the dancers in the Duet Demo is SUPER when you’re dancing at home!).

tribal bellydance duet

dancing as a synchronized duet, with no choreography

And having the videos right on youtube is SO much easier than having to join a separate site and sign up for monthly access or whatever. I know that’s how I’d want to do it if I were taking online classes.

So I’ll probably change the Promo clip soon as it’s all about the DVD; and other fun how-to ideas are in the works right now – BUT, it’s tax time so…

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  1. Hi Anthea

    I really like the idea of turning to streaming media rather than DVD. I gave up watching telly a couple of years back and now find I rarely if ever watch DVDs as it’s so much easier to draw on a digital resource from my laptop – whether it’s youtube or simply stuff I’ve personaly filmed myself.

    I wish you every success with the project and I’d love to hear more about how it works out.

    Susanna x

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