planning tribal classes at Pennsic 2013

I’m looking forward to later this summer when I’ll be camping again for a short week at Orluk Oasis in Pennsic; and I’m scheduled to teach ONE Tribal Odyssey Bellydance class on the second Wednesday. I’ll be sharing some of the fast (advanced) lead-and-follow combinations, including several combos with finger cymbals (of course, cymbals are optional for new students). I hope to have a live drummer again this year.

Rajni, also of Orluk, is teaching the slow combos, and her classes repeat over several days. We both scheduled our classes for early in the morning (in the Middle Eastern teaching tent) so get up early and beat the heat!

Rajni in red

Rajni of Orluk Oasis

Rajni’s classes run in the second week, at 9am on:
7/28, 7/29, 7/31, and 8/1 (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). Contact Rajni through her website, Qamar Tribal Odyssey Bellydance

My classtime is 10:30am on Wednesday July 31, just after Rajni’s earlier class. Here’s the event on Facebook: Tribal O combos at Pennsic

Students taking any of our classes can get a DISCOUNT Access Pass to the TOBD Playlists on my YouTube channel (for example, the Slow Combos and Staging series). Be sure to ask about the Discount in class!

I can’t wait to see my Orluk family and the wonderful community of Pennsic bellydancers! It’s always the highlight of my year.

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