Have a seat, and dance!

So I’m injured at the moment, but dance class is tonight and I’m excited! It’s the new year, first class, and I can’t wait to get back after two weeks off.

Since I can’t dance until my knee is fully healed, I plan on teaching a bit of a sit-down class tonight – yes, my student are going to be sitting in chairs for part of the class! Not for them to study and take notes, but to go over upper body movements, arm and hand cues, etc.

If you need ideas on how to teach dance while injured, or maybe just a new idea for class material, check out my plan:


Warm up and stretch torso 

  • Shoulder lifts, thrusts, shimmies
  • Arm undulations
  • Rib isolations

1. Cymbal Rhythm Game: 4-count follow me (I play a random cymbal pattern for four counts, then students imitate.)

2. TOBD combos*:

  • Rib Circle
  • Head Slides/Circle
  • Slow Arms
  • Temple Arms

 *while facing front, then in circle, then duets.

3. Eye Contact in pairs (for 30 – 60 seconds. This is a great exercise to make Duet pairs more engaged when dancing together.)

Since I also teach Oriental Raks Sharki, we’ll go over upper body combinations from our current choreographies as well.

So that’s my plan to keep things ticking while I have to sit this out! If you have other questions or ideas on teaching while injured leave me a message in the comments.

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