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“Emergency Go!”

In horse riding there’s a maneuver called “Emergency Stop” so that’s why the name of this move occured to me last night in Rehearsal…

We were dancing Tribal Odyssey (level 3) together and started the CCW Turn Ending, then realized the music wasn’t ending… Nashida followed the creative spirit of the moment and YIPPED to make a circle, saving us all from endless spinning while the music played out 🙂

I like it, I like it a lot! Good call Nashida!

Anthea (Kawakib)

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Small group, short set, but full of fun

With just enough time left in our Multicultural Fair show for 2 songs, we packed as much in as we could… Chorus and Center Dancers, Veil, Skirt dancing, Staggered Line, Circle, even Pharaonic! It was fun –

I’ve noticed different dancers will showcase the particular moves and steps they like: usually Al’Anqa will do the 3-Step Turn, Nashida will do Pharaonic, Galiyah loves the Skirt combinations; Pixie loves the Sharp Hips; Maharimah does either Bow & Arrow or Hip Twist… and I love the smooth beledi hip moves. That’s another thing I love about group improv!

having fun sharing the moment onstage

lots of movement and flow with the Bela step!

Kawakib and Galiyah dancing together

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