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what is Tribelle Chic bellydance?

What is Tribelle Chic bellydance?

My former creative partner Miramar describes Tribelle Chic as “more feminine and more Egyptian-based” than Tribal Odyssey. She’s detailed her new format of group improv in an article adapted from one she wrote previously on Tribal Odyssey, which was printed in Jareeda magazine; the new version is now posted on her website:

Miramar’s article is about her journey in group improv bellydance and how she developed this new style based on Tribal Odyssey.  She’s offering workshops and classes in Tribelle Chic at her studio near Winchester VA. Keep an eye out for this new evolution of the dance!

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Chakras, Bellyrobics, and Tribal Odyssey this weekend

Here’s the registration page for Red Clay Raqs (in Charlottesville Virginia) this weekend:

Register here

The venue looks very serene and beautiful!

The Haven in Charlottesville, VA

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at “Red Clay Raqs” next weekend in Virginia…

The mini-workshop I’m doing at Red Clay Raqs is going to be content-rich!

  • We’ll start with my Bellyrobic warmup, then go through a movement-specific overview of the Level One vocabulary.
  • I’ll break down the specific basic posture we use and how we create the individual movements that make up the seven combinations of Level One. This is like a quick body-language course on Group Improv! Once the body knows how to form the words, sentences come easily.
  • I’ll also suggest which transitions (from one combination to another) I find to be the easiest, and explain what makes them easier compared to other transitions.
  • I’ll show you a quick lead-changing drill for groups and duets so you see how to share UN-choreographed belly dancing with your troupe or class.
  • Finally, a short cooldown with Chakra Isolations I learned from my lovely student Shakti of Hawaii (formerly of Charlottesville, Virginia!). In my opinion, this simple, amazingly powerful yet soothing process itself is worth the price of the workshop!
from Fredericksburg Va

Workshop March 3, 2012

And I always bring printed handouts, a little cheat sheet that helps you remember what you learned in the workshop. If you want to purchase a DVD or Reference Manual they’ll be on Special Workshop Discount for participants too. Don’t miss it!

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new Virginia bellydance event

I’ll be teaching at Red Clay Raqs next month, more info to come. Meanwhile here’s the sharp looking poster:

Charlottesville, Virginia

Red Clay Raqs flyer

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teaching tribal at Pennsic

It was 10:30 in the morning, but still blazing heat & humidity for the Tribal Odyssey class at Pennsic this year. Walking up to the Middle Eastern tent from Orluk Oasis (not far away but definitely a lot “lower”) it didn’t take me long to become completely damp under my garb. That never changes, I’ve always been like that – so don’t tell me, “you’ll get used to it!”
Anyway it was a blast, with about 20 or so dancers of various levels, with maybe even one or two absolute newbies I think.
Not only did I have Rajni of Georgia there to help, but a couple of ATS dancers came and they caught on so well it actually helped when demonstrating lead-changing.
We were able to have several quartets dance at the same time so everyone had an opportunity to lead and follow. Cramming so much into one hour is hard, but overall I’m happy I got to share it at Pennsic.

Rajni getting her Teaching Certificate

Last but not least, Congratulations to Rajni who got her Teacher Certificate for Level One Tribal Odyssey. She does good work, and, she’s fun. I know her students appreciate her dedication and no-drama personality. Best wishes to her!

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going to the Village

I’ll be on my way to Pennsic tomorrow, inshallah, for just a short while this year; it’ll be my 21st Pennsic – I think? have to count my medallions! Friday morning, again inshallah, I’m doing an Intro to Tribal Odyssey class at the Middle Eastern tent, assisted by Rajni, another T.O. teacher from Georgia and my Orluk Oasis camp mate. Getting away from the modern world will be very refreshing… and if I can keep my phone charged I’ll upload from there; but if not, see you on the flip side –
Orluk Oasis partial LIST of classes

Anthea (Kawakib)

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