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spending summer dancing

We’ve been dancing all summer, what could be better!

In mid-summer we enjoyed participating with many beautiful guest dancers in a show all about VEIL DANCING, called “Reflections on the Veil“. It was amazing to witness each dancer’s gift of vision. Of course we offered our own group veil improv as well.

group improv with veils

Tribal Veil trio onstage at Reflections

I’ve also been incorporating Tribal Veil into class and the results are good – even for beginning dancers. It gives new dancers something to hold on to, and they love watching themselves in the mirror, swooping these large pieces of fabric through the air. Who doesn’t love veil dancing? Veils are iconic for bellydancers, and they’re a great workout too.

At Pennsic this year my student Siyala and I danced with Rajni and Jackie from Georgia, our dance sisters whom we see so rarely. We all were more than thrilled to have live drumming for our spot at the Middle Eastern Dance Expo; a sweet percussion band made up of our wonderful Orluk mates and guests. They were able to give us a dynamic range of tempos for our group improv set. Hooray Orluk!

dancers in garb at pennsic

backstage at the Expo!

Immediately after getting back from Pennsic, we were excited to dance at Tribal Cafe in Richmond, sponsored by the Bandit Queens. We did another tempo-dynamic set that was extra fun for me because the song begins with karkabas! I’m talking about “Sahara Caravan” by the Desert Knights. Very cool!┬áTribal Cafe was a lot of fun for so early in the morning! I hope to do it again sometime, we met great folks.

dancers onstage

Nandana, Lisa from NC, Shari Apple, and us after the show; lovely photo courtesy of Providence & Sterling

Then we were absolutely thrilled to be invited to “Tummy Tuesday”, a monthly hafla in Richmond. I LOVE Richmond dancers, they’re so friendly! The space was challenging but my dancers did amazingly well, I’m very pleased with their aplomb! We had a great time doing veil again, and of course finger cymbals. Good times!

dancers in beledi dresses

yes, we’re beledi tribal!

We have a few things coming up right here in town that should be fun too; what a great way to spend a summer – dancing!

Tribal on, dancers!
by Anthea (Kawakib)

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planning tribal classes at Pennsic 2013

I’m looking forward to later this summer when I’ll be camping again for a short week at Orluk Oasis in Pennsic; and I’m scheduled to teach ONE Tribal Odyssey Bellydance class on the second Wednesday. I’ll be sharing some of the fast (advanced) lead-and-follow combinations, including several combos with finger cymbals (of course, cymbals are optional for new students). I hope to have a live drummer again this year.

Rajni, also of Orluk, is teaching the slow combos, and her classes repeat over several days. We both scheduled our classes for early in the morning (in the Middle Eastern teaching tent) so get up early and beat the heat!

Rajni in red

Rajni of Orluk Oasis

Rajni’s classes run in the second week, at 9am on:
7/28, 7/29, 7/31, and 8/1 (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). Contact Rajni through her website, Qamar Tribal Odyssey Bellydance

My classtime is 10:30am on Wednesday July 31, just after Rajni’s earlier class. Here’s the event on Facebook: Tribal O combos at Pennsic

Students taking any of our classes can get a DISCOUNT Access Pass to the TOBD Playlists on my YouTube channel (for example, the Slow Combos and Staging series). Be sure to ask about the Discount in class!

I can’t wait to see my Orluk family and the wonderful community of Pennsic bellydancers! It’s always the highlight of my year.

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teaching tribal at Pennsic

It was 10:30 in the morning, but still blazing heat & humidity for the Tribal Odyssey class at Pennsic this year. Walking up to the Middle Eastern tent from Orluk Oasis (not far away but definitely a lot “lower”) it didn’t take me long to become completely damp under my garb. That never changes, I’ve always been like that – so don’t tell me, “you’ll get used to it!”
Anyway it was a blast, with about 20 or so dancers of various levels, with maybe even one or two absolute newbies I think.
Not only did I have Rajni of Georgia there to help, but a couple of ATS dancers came and they caught on so well it actually helped when demonstrating lead-changing.
We were able to have several quartets dance at the same time so everyone had an opportunity to lead and follow. Cramming so much into one hour is hard, but overall I’m happy I got to share it at Pennsic.

Rajni getting her Teaching Certificate

Last but not least, Congratulations to Rajni who got her Teacher Certificate for Level One Tribal Odyssey. She does good work, and, she’s fun. I know her students appreciate her dedication and no-drama personality. Best wishes to her!

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going to the Village

I’ll be on my way to Pennsic tomorrow, inshallah, for just a short while this year; it’ll be my 21st Pennsic – I think? have to count my medallions! Friday morning, again inshallah, I’m doing an Intro to Tribal Odyssey class at the Middle Eastern tent, assisted by Rajni, another T.O. teacher from Georgia and my Orluk Oasis camp mate. Getting away from the modern world will be very refreshing… and if I can keep my phone charged I’ll upload from there; but if not, see you on the flip side –
Orluk Oasis partial LIST of classes

Anthea (Kawakib)

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