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shakin’ off that summer rust

One month off from dancing together really makes a difference for a group doing Tribal Improv.
We found that out at rehearsal Wednesday… I’ve never made so many mistakes – we all were blooper-ing all over the durn place!
Rehearsing Tribal Improv is NOT like rehearsing other kinds of dancing. It’s definitely not like doing choreographies – there’s no way to rehearse effectively without the other dancers! If you’re doing choreography you can go over it by yourself, you can even just mentally rehearse by visualization. With Tribal Improv you need the others there with you! But that’s what we love about it, right? YES!
So we’re having another rehearsal tonight and then two more next week as we prep for the Lynchburg Tribal Hafla on September 10. Can we get some new costuming together by then? Hmmmmm – and my Fall Classes starting next week too? We shall see…

Anthea (Kawakib)

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“Emergency Go!”

In horse riding there’s a maneuver called “Emergency Stop” so that’s why the name of this move occured to me last night in Rehearsal…

We were dancing Tribal Odyssey (level 3) together and started the CCW Turn Ending, then realized the music wasn’t ending… Nashida followed the creative spirit of the moment and YIPPED to make a circle, saving us all from endless spinning while the music played out 🙂

I like it, I like it a lot! Good call Nashida!

Anthea (Kawakib)

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onward… to our student recital

I’m looking forward to dancing in our recital (MidSummer Magic) next month with the Level 3 students, I’ve narrowed the music choices down but at this point still not sure how much time we’ll take. There may be one or two songs at Level 1 & 2 as well, or maybe one longer song for a mixed level number. Hope to work that out asap.

In class and rehearsal we’re focusing on stage presence, enjoyment, transitions and timing, I think people are handling it well and I’m so glad to see them grow in skills and abilities. (…and yes we’re remembering the “stage business” :))
I’ve also been working on new ads for the new version of Level One dvd, putting in hours and hours on them. It would be easier, I guess, to pay someone to do graphics or web design etc., but to me anything little piece of creation is a gift from the Spirit, and right now I feel like if I have the time, talent, and ability to create these little bits (ads, promos, etc.) I can not only use money for something else, but enjoy the flow of creativity as well.

Plus, right now I’ve had it with trying to work out business details and/or waiting on people to DO stuff! That is NOT what I want to do at this point LOL! But that’s another post for another time…

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“stage business”

Last night in Intermediate class we did something new between songs – “stage business”.

(from “stage business”


incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect

I always enjoy the stage business when we’re performing our folkloric “Egyptian village” set so I wanted to try it in Tribal Odyssey too. Why not, it’s “tribal”!

We were going to do it in the Advanced-Intermediate class too but actually forgot!  I think it’ll be fun onstage in Recital this year. I’m thinking of having all the levels onstage during the TOBD section – it’s a big stage, and getting everyone on there together will be a blast as well as a nice visual.

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