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onward… to our student recital

I’m looking forward to dancing in our recital (MidSummer Magic) next month with the Level 3 students, I’ve narrowed the music choices down but at this point still not sure how much time we’ll take. There may be one or two songs at Level 1 & 2 as well, or maybe one longer song for a mixed level number. Hope to work that out asap.

In class and rehearsal we’re focusing on stage presence, enjoyment, transitions and timing, I think people are handling it well and I’m so glad to see them grow in skills and abilities. (…and yes we’re remembering the “stage business” :))
I’ve also been working on new ads for the new version of Level One dvd, putting in hours and hours on them. It would be easier, I guess, to pay someone to do graphics or web design etc., but to me anything little piece of creation is a gift from the Spirit, and right now I feel like if I have the time, talent, and ability to create these little bits (ads, promos, etc.) I can not only use money for something else, but enjoy the flow of creativity as well.

Plus, right now I’ve had it with trying to work out business details and/or waiting on people to DO stuff! That is NOT what I want to do at this point LOL! But that’s another post for another time…

Anthea (Kawakib)

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“stage business”

Last night in Intermediate class we did something new between songs – “stage business”.

(from “stage business”


incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect

I always enjoy the stage business when we’re performing our folkloric “Egyptian village” set so I wanted to try it in Tribal Odyssey too. Why not, it’s “tribal”!

We were going to do it in the Advanced-Intermediate class too but actually forgot!  I think it’ll be fun onstage in Recital this year. I’m thinking of having all the levels onstage during the TOBD section – it’s a big stage, and getting everyone on there together will be a blast as well as a nice visual.

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